John Milton's Cottage

CR Episode 3: Paradise Lost, Book III

The panel discusses the third book of John Milton's Paradise Lost, with special attention on aspects including the ambiguously diabolical imagery of the opening, and Milton's philosophical approaches to the problem of evil, free will, and predestination.
Gustav Dore - Paradise Lost - Fallen Angels

CR Episode 2: Paradise Lost, Book II

The panel discusses Book II of John Milton's Paradise Lost, with a focus on the fallen angels as an inversion of divine imagery, the politics and plots of Pandaemonium, the natures of Sin and Death, and a possible instance of Miltonian heresy.
John Milton FEATURED

CR Episode 1: Paradise Lost, Book I

In the first episode of Critical Readings, the panel begins a twelve-week discussion of Milton's Paradise Lost, with discussion focused on the poem's nature as an epic and the apparent ideological conflict between Milton's politics and his protagonist. and
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