CR Episode 176: Moby Dick, Part II

Moby Dick: The Sermon, by Rockwell Kent
Moby Dick: The Sermon, by Rockwell Kent

Download Link: Released on 22 May 2023

The panel reads chapters 5-15, with a special focus on the description and narrative use of religious symbolism and devotional practice, contrasting the Christian Ishmael and the pagan Queequeg to illustrate Ishmael’s welcoming, fraternal worldview.

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  1. Such an interesting novel! There is a lot to think about here. I really enjoyed the sermon in it and while I wouldn’t agree on Ishmael’s liberal participation in worship of pagan gods, I thought his reasoning interesting.

    I’m almost finished reading the next part now and I find the name-choices so fascinating!

    One thing I thought of while you talked about whaling – very much as something of the past. And of course in this exact manner it is. But does that mean there’s no American whale hunting at all any more? We can still buy whale meat here at our regular store, do you have that too or is it all shut down?

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