CR Episode 153: Poetry of Delmore Schwartz

Delmore Schwartz
Delmore Schwartz

Download Link: Released on 12 December 2022

The panel examines three poems by Delmore Schwartz, with a particular focus on his language and themes, including a poetic biography of Lincoln, a metaphysical examination of Narcissus, and a portrayal of time as a frightening, existential inferno.


  1. It appears something has happened to the recording for this episode! When I click on it, I get a recording of the previous episode on Young Goodman brown.

  2. I enjoyed this episode immensely. First exposed to Delmore Schwartz through the music of the Velvet Underground and their New York poet of the streets, Lou Reed, in my youth back in the mid seventies. Thank you for the thoughtful appraisal of his illuminating works.

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