CR Episode 114: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Part III

Lady Bertilak de Hautdesert Tempts Sir Gawain
Lady Bertilak de Hautdesert Tempts Sir Gawain

Download Link: Released on 31 January 2022

The panel reads the third part of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, with particular attention to the juxtaposition of the forest hunting, killing, and skinning/gutting scenes with those of courtly love in the luxurious bedchamber of Sir Gawain.

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  1. Another wonderful episode! Thanks for bring such insight and fun to the work.

    I thought you might be interested in the Simon Armitage translation of the hog’s head handling —

    And Gawain is quick to compliment the conquest,/
    praising it as proof of the lord’s prowess,/
    for such prime pieces of perfect pork/
    and such sides of swine were a sight to be seen./
    Then admiringly he handles the hog’s great head,
    feigning fear to flatter the master’s feelings./
    ‘Now Gawain,’ said the lord, ‘I give you this game…’

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